Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Present Journey

We still live in our past, didn't we? And this has surely impacted our present. We read quotes that states of moving on, living your present and forgetting about past, we read it, give it a thought and move on, not from our past but actually from the quote we read and the thought we had.
The time we think about our past happenings our mind passes through a memory lane which is so tempting that we are unknowingly forced to remember those days, people we were connected to and all the sweet memories with a pinch of salt on it. Some of our past happenings are so lovely that we miss them now and then we waste our time thinking of the ways to live them again conscious of it's impossibility. Rather than thinking of living in present and making new memories we dwell in the old ones. The fascination is so strong that we forget our true belonging.
But is that how a life is lived? Worrying about the mistakes of past and uncertainty of future? A moment once gone is gone forever. Yes, we made memories and yes they are to be remembered.
It doesn't mean we have to dwell there, even if you made mistakes in your past worrying in future doesn't makes sense, rather we should think of the ways we can correct them in our present and the coming future but again future is uncertain and what's certain is that very moment you are alive in. Even the very next moment is unknown. So forget about what happened in your past. Take your bag full of memories some bitter some sweet to the very moment you belong.

You learnt a lesson, keep that. It will help you avoid the same mistake.
You lost friends, remember them. They will help you in identifying your true friends.
You had some best days, love them. They will make you see the brightest side.
There's nothing you left in past and there's nothing you can take to future. Memories will be there forever inside you every day every time you live. But being able to live with them is what we need to learn. Dwelling there is what we need to stop.
Is that too hard then give it a thought, a serious one, cherish those memories, take a deep breath and be happy in the moment you are in. You had your best days, so that you can be reminded by God of all the love,happiness and blessings he has included in your life.
And you had some worst days, so that you can emerge stronger than before. Since nothing in this life is constant.
What you have in your hand now is the time you are alive in, make it worth remembering, let your present journey be so beautiful, full of excitement, amazement, excellence that you are left with no regrets in your future, a journey full of adventures and topsy turvy that guarantee you a wonderful destination, more than what you expected.

Today's Motivation Mantra - Anytime when you think of your past, don't let it affect you, let it make you learn, let it make you smile, let it remind you of the people some bad some good, some lost some found, let it make you stronger. A struggle can't be only from outer sources, an inner force is what it all needs.
Be motivated
Keep motivating

Friday, 4 December 2015

What If

This is what we ask ourselves everytime. Before or after, while doing anything or while making a decision. It automatically pops up in our head -
I wanna start a new job (yay!) but What if it doesn't work well?
I don't wanna do this anymore, What if others will question me?
Yes there are times when a wise decision making needs all what ifs or what nots. But that doesn't mean every single and silly things in your life needs most of your brain's attention. It is not necessary to ask this question to yourself at every single step.
I wanna dance. Should I? What If??
I wanna sing. What If people don't like.
I wanna wear this dress. Oh it's so pretty but little shorter than my usual dresses. Should I wear it? What If?? And our continuous questionnaire goes on. Come on! These things aren't worth whole of your attention. Just stop behaving like a question paper. Make a decision, be fine with it and enjoy that very moment.
You wanna visit that party, don't give a second thought, go, go out, enjoy, dress as you like whether it's short or it's long, dance even if you are bad at it, sing with bad throat, do the job that makes you happy, make a decision which involves your heart but don't question yourself for being what you are and to do what you want to. And if someone question you about it, don't give a damn. It's your life, your decision and not their's.

Today's Motivation Mantra - If you are following your heart, don't engage your mind. Stop getting into this whirlpool of "What Ifs". It leads no where. Just live upto your decisions and make them happen.
#be_motivated :)