Tuesday, 1 November 2016


She looked perfect that day. In her perfect red gown, studded with stunning jewelry and her lips dipped into deep red color. The poise with which she carried herself grabbed everyone's attention. Yet she seemingly looked for the one, ignoring everyone else. The one she did it all for, the Man of her dreams. The one who was perfect for her, thinking he would look at her, notice her and tell her what she always wanted to hear. But neither did he looked nor did he noticed.
Between this crowd there was this boy, who couldn't take his eyes off her. He admired her for what she was and for all she have. He knew how weirdest she can be, how vulnerable she can get, what beauty she holds and what's this smile she wore. He tried to get to her, but hardly did she noticed, hardly did she knew.
And the night ended too soon. She waited and waited for one but he left with some other girl. The other boy still standing there, noticing her as she ran away.
That day she felt ugly, she tore her gown, threw away her jewels, ripped off her lipstick, staring at her reflection in the mirror as tears roll down her cheeks, messing up her mascara as she weeps. That day she felt lonely and heavy and too desperate to have love which according to her, she hardly deserved. That day she thought nothing can go right with her and the next day they found her dead.
The boy she loved, mourned for the loss and the boy who loved her cried a lifetime.
We at times are so busy looking for the person who's perfect, that we forget to look for the one who's right for us.
We are so obsessed with the definition of perfection that we often make decisions according to it. Nobody's perfect, neither you are.We often chase people who are perfect for us, maybe we get them but eventually they leave and we are still behind them, hoping they would come along but the truth is if someone can leave you for once, they can do the same next time and the people we often neglect, the one's who are right for us, keep waiting because they never leave. And we often take so long to realize that.
"To realize that no true love can ever happen between two perfect people, it is always meant to be between the right ones."
The people who left you, let them go and don't ever let them define you, don't let them lessen your worth because they don't deserve it at all. But wait because eventually the right one is going to come along and make you realize that waiting for them was the best thing you could do for yourself. You might not recognize them at once but as soon as you do, don't waste another moment to be with them because the biggest tragedy in life is not when people leave you, it's when the right one's leaves you because you were too busy seeking out for perfection.
Don't look past at the same thing for so long time, that you lose to watch out for the other different things around you. Don't set a mindset. It ruins all. Just go with the flow. And make it right.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Struggles let you appreciate life

We all have struggles in our life. We all are struggling for something, somewhere at some moment. Everyone we meet has a different story to tell.
But have you ever wondered that why we people are so attracted to a simple smile when we go through a bad day, why our eyes are filled with tears when all our problems come to an end? That's simply because we know what it is to be like having a bad day, a day full of struggle, hardships and what it is to be like having failed for number of times. And at that time a genuine smile on a person's face, a small joke, our favorite song on the radio, a little help, our friend's call and such tiny pleasures can become a significant one.

Struggles let you appreciate life in a way that is different from all materialistic pleasures. It makes you understand that life is much greater than just making a living. 

With every day to day struggles you start understanding the importance of relationships in your life -
The people who matters the most in your life would never leave you alone and with every struggle you face, real persons will automatically show up to you. You would know who's real and who's fake and most of all you would know that relationships are worth maintaining for.

You gotta see the morning sun as it rises up above the horizon, lighting up the whole world and diminishing the darkness that hovered the whole night. How beautiful it is to see such wonders of nature with something to teach us at every step.

Your struggles teachs you the power of a simple smile on your face or on any other person's face, you meet -
Having a bad day means least curves of your lips. You were sad the whole day, and then suddenly you met a person who passes you a smile which leaves you smiling in return. That's why whenever you are meeting people whether it's your bad or good day pass a smile to them, you will make them forget their struggles atleast for a second. Isn't that great?

No matter how brutally you are torned apart, no matter how much broken you are, at the end this all would seem worthy. Because you will surely love your newself. The one which is mature, more compassionate, more stronger and highly demanding ;)

You will surely start loving your future self and at the end you would end up thanking your struggles for the change that it brought - 
You have been thinking to do a lot of improvement in yourself but end up being the same. But with every upcoming day your struggles will break you, torn you apart to mould you into a better version of yourself.

With every new struggle comes new challenges, with every new challenges comes new opportunities. Opportunity to grab the best and be the best.

All that glitters is not Gold, sometimes it's even us -
When you go through your struggles in your life, you overcome every obstacle you face in your path, you shine like a diamond. Your glittery, glittery shine goes to every direction which amaze people every now and then.

Today's Motivation Mantra - Your struggles are just a way to bring out the best in you. Don't let them break you instead let them make you what you always wanted to be. At the end it will seem worthy and you will shine like a star in the dark sky. 
Keep Motivating 
Keep Grinding :)

Friday, 5 February 2016

Taste of Failure

Failure. Just a word which possesses an ability to change the world. You might have seen people crying because of it, you might have seen them scared, feared to take an another step, worrying more and smiling less. Taste of Failure can be bitter or better. What it takes is a different outlook of it.
Failure isn't a failure unless we start accepting it, until and unless we know what our capability is. Cause may be it isn't about the destination, may be it's about the journey. 
The path you travel on is never easy, it's full of ups and downs, it's filled with adventures that will take your breath away, full of risks that are worth taking for. You might fall sometimes or oftentimes but that doesn't mean the road has ended. 
Like a baby who crawls and is learning to stand up on his feets, fall again and again in the process. But never give up. They stand, they fall, they stand, they fall like hundreds of time and finally they learn to walk. 
Your failure is just a new learning, it's a way to make you stronger. You are never defined by your failures. You have your distinct identity out of it.
You are not the intelligence, you are the knowledge. 
You are not your result, you are more than a sheet of paper.
You are not made up of numbers, you are made up of your character. 
You are not on whom people laugh at, you are what makes them jealous. 
You are always defined by what you think, how you treat people and how you stood up once again when you fall. 
Because it's not about how many times you fell down, it's about how many times you stood up the next.
And out of all the questions that haunts me,what scares me most is when I start questioning my capabilities. But in the end I know what I'm capable of. What I can do. 
One place is still empty and it's waiting for you to come over there, to grab it and to play your role.
Taste of Failure can be better.
You can conquer cause in the end they will praise you for where you have reached inspite of all struggles you faced in the process.
Always remind yourself that you are not made up of these failures, you are not what people think about you, you are not the bruises you have, you are what you are and you will get there, where you want to be.

Today's Motivation Mantra - It's about the process and not the end. You are your character, your nature and the genuine smile on your face which never fades. Which is absolute fact that you are stronger and everytime you fall, you are going to stand up.
Keep smiling 
Keep motivating :)

Monday, 4 January 2016


Since we have entered into the first month of this year,this title suits best. This is how we welcomed it yeah. Celebrating! Yay!!
People sending wishes of new year from the last day, celebrating it's arrival, welcoming it with smiles on their faces and loved one's besides them. And then as the clock hits 12:00, you can see social media sites flooding with new year wishes, people posting groupfies, selfies all over. But then I also saw some moron faces with no excitement of the beginning of new year, with no smiles on their faces and with boring looks.
"Haha, like seriously that made me laugh. I don't know why, may be because I understood the real reason behind every sorrow of our life. May be because this new year made me learn a new thing from the day it started and may be that's why I love it a little more."
I was more startled when I heard people saying that they have no excitement of this new year because nothing is changed in their life, they have the same job, the same working hours, same worries, same targets or whatever it is. They find it crazy to celebrate a day which is no where different from their previous days. 
Do celebration is all about late night parties, having stuffs to eat, going out with your friends, dancing on loud music, clicking pictures, having drinks, posting wishes all over? No, right.
Each day of your life is a celebration. It's more than that.
 It's not about one day, one month, or one year. Why should we sit back thinking that nothing is changed, why should we avoid celebrating?
Infact we should stand up and dance because we left whole of the year behind us and we are still alive and happy and healthy and we know we could make it till here because of us, our will power, our family and friends. So why not celebrate the day with them, wherever you are, with whatever you have, without worrying about the change, awaiting for the surprises this new year has instored for you. 
Every day when you wake up in the morning alive it's a God gift for you and therefore every day you live is a celebration.

Motivation Mantra - Take time to thank God and celebrate each day of your life. This year has surely instored in it some beautiful memories for lifetime and breathtaking surprises. Don't sit like a moron, chill people, dance and celebrate each day. If you didn't enjoyed the first day of this new year, take a time out with your loved one's and celebrate any other day but don't miss your chance to laugh and reminding your loved one's that you are thankful for their support. 
( P. S. - I always write it as Today's Motivation Mantra but this one's for lifetime. And this isn't sort of motivation, it's kind of a reminder. Let it go through your veins) 

#keep_celebrating :)

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Present Journey

We still live in our past, didn't we? And this has surely impacted our present. We read quotes that states of moving on, living your present and forgetting about past, we read it, give it a thought and move on, not from our past but actually from the quote we read and the thought we had.
The time we think about our past happenings our mind passes through a memory lane which is so tempting that we are unknowingly forced to remember those days, people we were connected to and all the sweet memories with a pinch of salt on it. Some of our past happenings are so lovely that we miss them now and then we waste our time thinking of the ways to live them again conscious of it's impossibility. Rather than thinking of living in present and making new memories we dwell in the old ones. The fascination is so strong that we forget our true belonging.
But is that how a life is lived? Worrying about the mistakes of past and uncertainty of future? A moment once gone is gone forever. Yes, we made memories and yes they are to be remembered.
It doesn't mean we have to dwell there, even if you made mistakes in your past worrying in future doesn't makes sense, rather we should think of the ways we can correct them in our present and the coming future but again future is uncertain and what's certain is that very moment you are alive in. Even the very next moment is unknown. So forget about what happened in your past. Take your bag full of memories some bitter some sweet to the very moment you belong.

You learnt a lesson, keep that. It will help you avoid the same mistake.
You lost friends, remember them. They will help you in identifying your true friends.
You had some best days, love them. They will make you see the brightest side.
There's nothing you left in past and there's nothing you can take to future. Memories will be there forever inside you every day every time you live. But being able to live with them is what we need to learn. Dwelling there is what we need to stop.
Is that too hard then give it a thought, a serious one, cherish those memories, take a deep breath and be happy in the moment you are in. You had your best days, so that you can be reminded by God of all the love,happiness and blessings he has included in your life.
And you had some worst days, so that you can emerge stronger than before. Since nothing in this life is constant.
What you have in your hand now is the time you are alive in, make it worth remembering, let your present journey be so beautiful, full of excitement, amazement, excellence that you are left with no regrets in your future, a journey full of adventures and topsy turvy that guarantee you a wonderful destination, more than what you expected.

Today's Motivation Mantra - Anytime when you think of your past, don't let it affect you, let it make you learn, let it make you smile, let it remind you of the people some bad some good, some lost some found, let it make you stronger. A struggle can't be only from outer sources, an inner force is what it all needs.
Be motivated
Keep motivating

Friday, 4 December 2015

What If

This is what we ask ourselves everytime. Before or after, while doing anything or while making a decision. It automatically pops up in our head -
I wanna start a new job (yay!) but What if it doesn't work well?
I don't wanna do this anymore, What if others will question me?
Yes there are times when a wise decision making needs all what ifs or what nots. But that doesn't mean every single and silly things in your life needs most of your brain's attention. It is not necessary to ask this question to yourself at every single step.
I wanna dance. Should I? What If??
I wanna sing. What If people don't like.
I wanna wear this dress. Oh it's so pretty but little shorter than my usual dresses. Should I wear it? What If?? And our continuous questionnaire goes on. Come on! These things aren't worth whole of your attention. Just stop behaving like a question paper. Make a decision, be fine with it and enjoy that very moment.
You wanna visit that party, don't give a second thought, go, go out, enjoy, dress as you like whether it's short or it's long, dance even if you are bad at it, sing with bad throat, do the job that makes you happy, make a decision which involves your heart but don't question yourself for being what you are and to do what you want to. And if someone question you about it, don't give a damn. It's your life, your decision and not their's.

Today's Motivation Mantra - If you are following your heart, don't engage your mind. Stop getting into this whirlpool of "What Ifs". It leads no where. Just live upto your decisions and make them happen.
#be_motivated :)

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Inside Out

There's a thing that we all do - We Pretend.Whether it's in front of our parents, our friends or whomsoever we meet. At times even I'm confused by the way I act or behave in a situation which never demanded that. And it is not a one person thing, we all somewhere at some point face this. So do we lack confidence or do we underestimate ourselves?
What we do is we pretend to be someone else. We meet some persons and we try to be impressive in front of them. This even happens to me, my hand shakes and my head shivers. On due analysis of the situation I found that it wasn't due to lack of confidence or something like that. It was because at some point I tried to be the one I wasn't.
This usually happens because we become conscious to other person's expressions. We see ourselves from that person's point of view. And thus we behave differently. This could sometimes put all our efforts in vain.
Being yourself is not hard, it's all about being REAL and stop pretending. Yes there are times when it's not easy but if you are what you are and you feel free to show it to the world no one can ever stop you from becoming the best. Since you would be the one of your kind.
Because between What people think about who you are and What you portrays them. There's someone hiding, Someone The Real You. So If you are here to impress people then better know that people will criticize you anyway. Have guts and face them with what u really are. Someone The Real You.

Today's Motivation Mantra - It gets harder and complicated if you try to pretend in every situation. It's better to face the world with what you really are rather than portraying them a different image. Be Yourself.